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Haka Labs, Creators of Tribe Quokka, Announce Genesis Collection Sold Out In 56 Minutes

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Tribe Quokka's Genesis Collection of 8,000 NFTs which sold out in under 56 minutes on April 1, 2022, positioning the NFT collection for a launch valuation of over $1.5 million.

MEDFORD, N.J. - Amzeal -- LUMBERTON, NEW JERSEY – Today, Haka Labs, creators of Tribe Quokka, announced Tribe Quokka's Genesis Collection of 8,000 NFTs sold out in under 56 minutes on April 1, 2022, positioning the NFT collection for a launch valuation of over $1.5 million in its takeover mission to combat the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) in its expanding metaverse empire.

"We set out to help bring our amazing community into the NFT space and educate them on the many ways they are able to participate," Brett Summerville, CEO of Haka Labs, reports. "Haka Labs was created by a bunch of crazy, brilliant and passionate people who all shared the same dream – to build a deep community like no other in the NFT space and take on the BAYC for abundance and emerging dominance at the center of the NFT universe."

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Leading Tribe Quokka under the pseudonymous marker of Dr. Dick Doofus, Summerville and the Haka Labs team of co-founders are positioning Tribe Quokka to be a leader in the $40 billion NFT market.

Tribe Quokka is a limited collection of 8,000 NFTs deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. Its community comprises a blended mix of long-time enthusiasts with those that are just beginning their journeys into the vast NFT space. Tribe Quokka's premise is rooted in a friendly "false flag" operation that makes it seem like "those boring apes" of the BAYC fired the opening salvo and attacked Tribe Quokka.

"We're provoking a light-hearted rivalry amongst NFT projects that permits us to finally proclaim, "We're All NOT Gonna Make It!" in an abundantly competitive way," Summerville states. "As the NFT space expands, the opportunity to build communities capable of bringing enriched value to the metaverse is right now. Haka Labs is positioning itself to become a leading creator in the web3 culture and community-owned entertainment space."

About Haka Labs

Haka Labs is the creator of Tribe Quokka. For more information on Haka Labs visit https://www.hakalabs.io or email press@hakalabs.io. Follow on Twitter @TribeQuokka. Visit Open Sea to view Tribe Quokka Genesis Collection.

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