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Gravitime Theory by Nova Light-The Solution to Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Hubble Tension, Inflation,

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Gravitime Theory by Nova Light adds a dimensional hierarchy that solves Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Hubble Tension, Inflation, and Quantum Gravity.

PORTLAND, Ore. - Amzeal -- Gravitime Theory is a set of frameworks devised by Nova Light that solves the problems of Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Hubble Tension, Inflation, and Quantum Gravity. She has the very rare talent of analyzing and manipulating objects in 4 dimensions in her head. By taking a results based approach with her internal 4D simulator she was able to infer the true nature of these extremely difficult problems in physics. While she originally only set out to resolve Dark Matter it wound up resolving these other questions in the process. Gravity and Time are illusions of the same information process occurring on the Higgs field. By combining these two things into the singular expression that they truly are she has solved some of the biggest problems in physics that have been lingering since Einstein. The speed of light is the well known speed limit of the universe. Nova Light introduces Gravitime as the bandwidth limit of the universe. Gravitime theory proposes a dimensional hierarchy that explains the cosmic phenomena we are seeing that do not line up with our current model of Gravity. To explain Gravitime Theory she has published a series of 6 videos breaking down each section in easily understandable blocks so anyone can participate in the dialogue. She believes anyone can practice the scientific method and understands that not everyone can build an interface with academic establishments.

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A personal explanation from the Author of Gravitime Theory, Nova Light:
"My physiology is very different and special. My internal simulator is able to parse and manipulate objects in 4 physical dimensions, and my theory is a total expression of that capacity.

My first expression of my theory is a series of videos I posted to YouTube and I would be endlessly grateful to you if you would be willing to spare the time to watch them. In the time it will take you to watch a movie you can understand and experience my entire set of theories.

Single humans on this planet have changed the course of this place dramatically and I believe I am one of those humans. None of us can practice science in isolation, and I desperately need patrons, mentors, and collaborators. If you are willing to give me the benefit of the doubt for 2 hours I assure you it will change your life, my life, and the course of future human history."

Please visit Nova Light's website is here:

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Please view Nova Light's Gravitime Theory playlist is here:

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