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Grace-Based Bible Studies Now Offered Online From Jesus Without Religion

The church has been inundated with religious messages, but one man plans to correct bad teaching about the gospel of Jesus Christ. He says the truth sets us free and he plans to bring back what keeps getting lost in the church building.

NEW YORK - May 11, 2017 - Amzeal -- Since 2016 Jesus Without Religion has been spreading the message of grace and helping Christians to better understand the Bible as it was intended to be interpreted by God. According to Mike Cynar, the company spokesman, legalism has a way of slipping into churches all over America. The message of grace and forgiveness has been severally watered down, and thereby causing people to be in bondage to religious behavior improvement sermons. Cynar says, "I'm amazed at how many Bible verses are being taught incorrectly." He adds, "Christians have failed to fully understand how the New Covenant has freed them from the Old Covenant, which is weak and useless." Cynar writes on many topics, such as:

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The company also started publishing an online Bible study of Romans, Galatians, and Hebrews. Cynar says, "These will always be free resources, and we have no plans to monetize this website." These free online Bible studies can be found at

The hope is that Christians will be able to better understand the biblical message. Cynar insists that this message is not being correctly taught in the Baptist church, Pentecostal, Catholic, and many others.

Mike Cynar

Mike Cynar

Source: Jesus Without Religion

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