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Cupping therapy Vancouver is a method used to distribute and break down stagnation and congestion by extracting the congested blood, energy or other surface problems using small cups or bamboo jars as a suction tool for the skin. The therapist will just put the suction cups on the skin during a dry cupping.

There are quite mild side effects of cupping. Bruising is expected, but within 10 days the skin is supposed to go back to normal. Slight irritation, skin infections, or burns are other likely side effects. A qualified healthcare professional, however, should apply a bandage and an antibiotic ointment to avoid an infection after the treatment.

The Philosophy Behind Pain and Cupping. What is Cupping Used for?
"Where there's stagnation, there will be pain. Remove the stagnation, and you remove the pain." Medically speaking, this old Chinese maxim says that these pain caused by congestion, stagnation and blocking of Qi and vital energy, vital fluids, lymph, phlegm and blood. Because pain is the essence of disease, pain is caused by obstructed or irregular body flow in the body. Therefore, Chinese cupping therapy Vancouver is a way of breaking off the blockage to restore the natural energy flow of the body.

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Cupping is usually combined in one treatment with acupuncture but can also be used by itself. Cupping suction and adverse pressure can loosen the muscles, promote blood flow, and sedate the nervous system (which is a great treatment for high blood pressure). The cup is used to relieve pain in the back and neck, stiff muscles, anxiety, tiredness, migraines and even cellulite. Oil is first applied on the skin when it comes to using cupping therapy for weight loss and cellulite treatments and then they move the cups up and down the skin.

Benefits of Asian Touch Massage
Enhanced Blood Circulation: This Asian touch massage Vancouver treatment can enhance your body 's healing abilities by improving blood or oxygen flow to keep your bodily engines running. If the respiratory system improves and blood flows in the body are steadily, the body's immunity can be improved. If you have difficulty breathing, a good Asian body massage can also be used as a treatment.

Relieving pain: Many people suffer from body pain problems because of hectic work routine and life stress. The temporary relief of drugs like pain killers cannot do you much good. You need an Asian touch massage if you're trying to get rid of these pains for good. In Asian touch massage Vancouver therapy, the main pointers of the entire body are targeted. As soon as the massage stroke manipulate these pointers, your body starts to respond positively. Your body will recover with this positive reaction. With an Asian massage therapy, all muscle pain and stress are released.

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