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Free VSO's Not Always The Best Route For Veterans' Individual Unemployability Benefits Claims

Too many veterans are being denied after submitting incorrect evidence.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - May 10, 2017 - Amzeal -- The entire VA Disability Benefits system is currently failing our veterans. One problem is the large number of unqualified people who are currently "assisting" disabled veterans. Many VSO's over-simplify the process and don't fully understand all the VA's rules and regulations.

Underfunded and overworked: why free VSO's are failing veterans.

Veterans across the country are being denied after using free VSO's at alarming rates. Too many free VSO services mean well, but unfortunately they are doing many veterans a disservice. Many of the free VSO's have no support staff and don't have the resources to get veterans' Individual Unemployability Benefits claims done right. Some don't have the time to do legal research or access to the proper legal documents.

Total Disability Individual Unemployability (TDIU) Benefits claims are complicated and must abide by lots of federal regulations. It can take years to learn the ins-and-outs of Individual Unemployability Benefits law. At the same time, law firms are using large support staffs and doctors to work on these claims. Individual Unemployability law firms generally have the resources to hire experts.

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Why you should use experts in your Individual Unemployability claim.

You are going to have to prove your Individual Unemployability claim to the VA using relevant medical evidence. Do not assume the VA is going to diligently comb through your Claims File. You are going to have to show the VA you cannot work from service-connected disabilities by telling a story through your medical records.

Vocational Experts: Many Individual Unemployability lawyers are going to hire a vocational expert to show you cannot keep or obtain "gainful employment." These experts write reports detailing how your service-connected disabilities basically keep you unemployable.

Doctors Outside the VA: Many lawyers use private doctors for medical reports to connect the dots between all your medical conditions. They will examine your records and link your service-connected disabilities to your secondary service-connected disabilities.

Psychologists: If you are submitting an Individual Unemployability claim based on mental conditions, a report from a psychologist can be valuable to your claim. This is another expert your lawyer may choose to hire for your claim.

Evidence is vital to your Individual Unemployability claim.

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Simply put, you cannot win your Individual Unemployability claim without medical evidence. Your TDIU Benefits lawyers are going to compile all the evidence you need for your Individual Unemployability benefits claim. Before you obtain a free VSO, ask them if they plan to hire any experts for your Individual Unemployability claim. While experts are not necessary in every claim, they are necessary in a very large number of claims.

Being denied is not the end of your claim.

If you were denied after using a free VSO for your Individual Unemployability claim, you may still have the option to appeal the VA's decision. You can always talk with an Individual Unemployability Benefit denial lawyer about your appeal for free. A very large number of veterans who apply for Individual Unemployability Benefits are denied initially and later go on to win their appeal.

Many conditions are eligible for Individual Unemployability benefits.

Individual Unemployability Benefits are available for a very wide-range of mental and physical conditions. You can always find out if your conditions are eligible for Individual Unemployability Benefits by getting a free claim evaluation from a veterans unemployability lawyer. Whomever you talk to, make sure they are qualified.

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