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Formula Cloud: Azure Gains on AWS, Why Do We even Need a CDF? Google Outage, What is NoOps? + more

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NEW YORK - March 14, 2019 - Amzeal -- In our top news, In-flight WiFi provider Gogo is shedding its data centers and migrating its infrastructure to Amazon Web Services, reports ZDNet. Gogo said the total cloud migration will allow the company to scale all aspects of its business, from the number of airlines it can support to how fast it can process stream data. The majority of Gogo's infrastructure migration is already completed, the company said, with all business-critical databases, including payments, orders, user management, and backend services, shifting from Oracle databases to Amazon Aurora. Gogo said its last data center was shut down two weeks ago and that it's already using a bevy of AWS services, including analytics, serverless, database, and storage.

Blast #2: Meanwhile, In a wide-ranging technology leadership talk at CERAWeek 2019,  Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy talked about the cloud's value proposition and the challenges it presents for some companies, and the new technologies most piquing his interest."The variable expense is lower than what virtually every company can do on its own because we have such large scale that we pass on to customers in the form of lower prices," Jassy said. "We've lowered our prices on 70 different occasions in the last 10 years—largely in the absence of any competitive pressure to do so—just because the DNA inside Amazon is we relentlessly work to take out costs to give those back to customers so they can do more."

Blast #3: Here's an interesting blurb related to No Ops. The emergence of serverless computing is causing organizations to revisit the notion of NoOps for their development processes, reports SD Times. Serverless enables businesses to achieve velocity without having to worry about operations. NoOps is the idea that if organizations can take operations out of the equation entirely, they can focus more on the development side of things. NoOps can be viewed as the next step in the evolution of DevOps, While DevOps has made great strides to get the development and operations side to work together and develop and deliver solutions on a continuous basis, organizations are still lacking the time and resources necessary to handle the data integration, provisioning, security and plumbing that operations entails.

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Blast #4: In other news, AWS is still in the driver's seat, or in other word:  the largest cloud service but Microsoft is growing rapidly, according to RightScale's 2019 State of the Cloud report. In fact, the AWS fell from 64 to 61 percent market share in 2019, while Azure surged from 45 to 52 percent of the market. Google Cloud was third with 19% adoption. VMWare Cloud on Amazon Web Services and IBM trailed with a 12% adoption. While Oracle at 11% and Alibaba at 3% rounded out the top seven.

Blast #5: Did you hear that Google Cloud suffered a several-hour outage earlier today? This was the second outage in four months. Data Economy reported that the outage lasted for around 4.5 hours, although those in western countries had either finished their working days or were still asleep when it all kicked off. During the outage, Google users were seeing "error messages, suffering high latency and/or other unexpected behaviour", Google said.

Blast #6: We thought this was interesting… the world's leading tech companies have very recently teamed up to launch a new foundation aimed at improving industry standardisation and oversight in continuous integration and delivery. Great, but many are asking: why is The Continuous Delivery Foundation r CDF even needed? The Linux Foundation's Vice President, Developer Relations, Chris Aniszczyk addressed this - he said the available tools for CI/CD have increased, but there is no "defining industry specifications" around pipelines and tools. (We) "recognize the need for a neutral home for collaboration and integration to solve this problem." The CDF plans to establish a "community to advance industry best practices and innovation around CI/CD."

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Blast #7: And Lastly, we know you heard about Red Hat's announcement about the release of a Kubernetes-native Java framework called Quarkus last week. But did you know Quarkus  provides an effective solution for running Java in the new world of serverless, microservices, containers, Kubernetes, FaaS (Function-as-a-Service) and the cloud because it has been designed with these in mind? "The goal of Quarkus is to make Java a leading platform in Kubernetes and serverless environments" explained Jason Greene, Quarkus project co-founder in a blog post. "(It also offers) developers a unified reactive and imperative programming model to optimally address a wider range of distributed application architectures."

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