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For DOT Owner-Operators, Consortiums Are a Good Fit

GREEN BAY, Wis. - May 15, 2017 - Amzeal -- Wisconsin Drug Testing Consortium Aids Businesses of All Sizes
Whether a truck fleet has one rig or 100, the same DOT rules apply. That includes the same requirement regarding drug testing. For DOT owner-operators, consortiums are a great option since they allow owners to focus on their business while Wisconsin Drug Testing Consortium (WDTC) takes care of their drug testing needs.

Federal transportation drug testing rules require all drivers to be tested before they can begin working. Rules also require transportation workers to be part of a random drug testing pool. WDTC's third party consortium eliminates the hassle for owner-operators by maintaining the pool, handling testing and keeping track of all paperwork. WDTC has more than 15,000 testing locations across the country, which makes it more convenient. A medical review officer also looks at all DOT tests to confirm their accuracy.

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WDTC's affordable drug testing uses a streamlined collection process utilizing both online and traditional platforms. The electronic process is web-based, eliminating the paper chain of custody forms.

"We are focused on making the drug testing process as easy as possible for business owners, whether it is a large company or a single owner-operator," said WDTC President Mike Bray. "Owner-operators already have a lot to take care of so it makes a lot of sense to outsource the drug testing process. When businesses partner with us, we handle all the testing and paperwork."

WDTC provides high-quality, convenient drug and alcohol testing, including CDL/DOT drug testing for seasonal employment and new hires to businesses of all sizes. We are a third party consortium, helping business owners, including DOT owner-operators (O/O). Consortium management allows you to focus on your business, not drug testing rules. Visit our website at to learn more about WDTC and its services or contact President Mike Bray at

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