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Follow U.S. Conservation History Down A New Path

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CFC takes readers from rescuing a US Icon...
COMING FULL CIRCLE—A Sweeping Saga of Conservation Stewardship Across America is a groundbreaking text for our times.

SAN DIEGO - Amzeal -- COMING FULL CIRCLE—A Sweeping Saga of Conservation Stewardship Across America tells how we took our country to the brinks of both the Climate Crash and the Sixth Extinction and then tried to solve them both.

Following the fortunes and foibles of a multi-generational American family, readers first experience a vivid array of frontier vignettes—including wagon-crushing landslides, frontier smack-downs, buffalo killing fields, life-threatening blizzards, deadly avalanches, and Gold Rush boomtowns. Along the way, they also witness heart-warming friendships among white settlers and Native Americans while also meeting wildlife slaughtering ne'er do wells, fun-loving nomads, racist ferrymen, grizzled mountain men, trickster trappers, and ambushing poachers.

Then—as the story moves through the Industrial Revolution and into modern times—merchants and developers start to dominate with their tawdry acts of wiping out entire bird rookeries for women's hats, ditching and draining south Florida's wilderness, blasting away mountaintops for coal, damming pristine rivers, destroying coastal shorelines, and fracking entire landscapes into oblivion.

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Emphasizing optimism, the last part of Coming Full Circle features the human resiliency that has allowed us to overcome the many existential threats—the Civil War, the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, Nazi Germany, the Cold War, COVID-19—we have faced as a Nation. The story concludes by answering this question: Will we find and apply solutions in time to save humanity's place on our beautiful planet?

Co-author Budd Titlow notes, "In essence, Coming Full Circle is a fiction sequel to our 2016 award-winning, non-fiction book, Protecting the Planet—Environmental Champions from Conservation to Climate Change."

Critics and reviewers are applauding the book's story for its unique approach and powerful message:
  • "…recommend Coming Full Circle to fans of issues-focused fiction who also enjoy family sagas" – Reader's Choice
  • "There is a message within this eco-novel that we need to live in harmony with our living environment and respect and care for it… before it's too late." – Reader Views
  • "Using a blend of historical fiction and poignant truths, the (book's) narrative delivers a spirited discourse on conservation, our environment, oneness, and, chiefly, the concept of coming full circle."US Review of Books

About the Authors:

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For the past 50 years, professional ecologist and conservationist Budd Titlow has used his pen and camera to capture the awe and wonders of our natural world. His goal has always been to inspire others to both appreciate and enjoy what he sees.

Mariah Tinger is an author and educator teaching sustainability at Boston University's Questrom School of Business. Additionally, she is pursuing her Ph.D. in climate communication at Otago University in New Zealand.

Coming Full Circle: A Sweeping Saga of Conservation Stewardship Across America (Olympia Publishers (2022), ISBN: 978-1800745681) is available at online bookstores everywhere.

For more information, visit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BG98CCWF or https://buddtitlow.com/. Publicity contact: admin@readerviews.com.

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