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Fake Tech Job Claims, Do Not Always Mean Fake Technology! Say Developers At Uafab Technologies

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MANHATTAN, N.Y. - Amzeal -- Uafab Technologies recently posted on their very Public LinkedIn Page,

With so many stories hitting the the internet about high paying tech jobs being fake.

They are sure many technology type ventures (including, Wearables) who are still on the journey, feel hurt and offended by the stories they are hearing about Fake Jobs in tech.

The Uafab Technologies developer went on to state,

"That in computer development there are times when you have to wait and have nothing to do and:

It Is A Big Deal!

Many of the solutions presented over the years to deal with this fact by many mega startups, seemed cute and caring towards their employees experience and knowledge of how this works.

Even if not fiscally sound at times.

Those complaining now probably did not know that even adding customers is part of the add a step and wait process, in some situations at mega starts."

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"Let's hope this new wave of negative attitudes towards future innovations finds the other side of the story soon."

The full text of the Uafab statement on fake jobs in tech can be quoted and found on LinkedIn



Uafab Technologies is a NYC based start up in the USA  that develops AI an Robotic Intelligence for consumers to use in games and for other tasks.

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