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Ether-1's "ETHO" Ranked as Top 5 Global Trending Cryptocurrrency on CoinMarketCap

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Recent progress at Ether1.org's decentralized hosting platform solution "ethoFS" has rocketed the Open Source Project to one of the top cryptocurrencies in the world this morning on the prestigious CMC website at approximately 10:00 GMT today.

SAN JOSE, Calif. - Amzeal -- Ether-1 provides blockchain based hosting any person or business can use without the fear of being banned or censored by large corporations. The platform combines the power of The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and IPFS for a seamless solution called ethoFS. This entirely decentralized hosting/storage platform is utilized at a fraction of the cost of traditional centralized hosting services.

Organizations and individuals are seeking the exact solution that ethoFS provides.  Thus Ether1 demand and interest has exploded in 2021.  In addition to using the solution many are also looking to invest in cutting edge companies.  Since Ether1.org is a Open Source Project there is no "company" to invest in, in the traditional sense.  Thus people are flocking to the project's cryptocurrency, the "ETHO" which has seen gains in excess of 1200% just in 2021 alone.

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The ETHO cryptocurrency that can be mined or purchased on crypto exchanges with complete anonymity.   Please see CoinMarketCap list of markets for various exchanges where ETHO can be purchased here.

About Ether-1

The Ether-1 Project "Decentralize Everything" is an 100% open-source community-based effort to bring independence to data with the ethoFS platform and smart-contract management structure. Ether-1 is powered by its own cryptocurrency ticker symbol: ETHO and can be found on https://www.probit.com/app/exchange/ETHO-USDT, Stex.com and other leading cryptocurrency exchanges. To learn more about the Ether1 Open Source Project please visit https://www.ether1.org or https://ethofs.com for solution information.

Trademark Disclaimer: CoinMarketCap, CMC  and other names mentioned in this press release  are not associated with nor endorse the the Ether1.Org Project.

Ethan Van Ballegooyen

Source: Ether1.org
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