Entrepreneur Vassilis Milionis Encourage People to be Wise In Their Business

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The world is currently facing a coronavirus outbreak that has resulted in various business sectors, experiencing a decline in global economic growth in 2020 from the previous 2.9% to 2.4%.

Transmission of the coronavirus (covid-19) that has spread on a global scale has prompted various countries to release stimulus to move the economy.

Corona outbreak causes many companies in the world difficulties in carrying out their production activities. That is because the global supply chain is stagnant due to the many countries that stop access to human movement in their country. According to Mr. Vassilis Milionis, Greek businessman and entrepreneur, even though the world is experiencing an economic slowdown, he encourages people to be optimistic that an economic slowdown will be supported by stimulus and government policies. "We cannot stop our business, the country's economy also depends on the sustainability of the corporation business, we must fully support the government's economic policies and always be responsive to the issues that are developing at this time."

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The property and tourism sector is one of the sectors that Mr. Milionis have. Those sectors are currently affected by the coronavirus epidemic. Mr. Milionis said, "Business not only pursues profit, but it should contribute to the surrounding community and the needy. In this way, our contribution as sustainable entrepreneurs is able to drive the economy of the lower classes. Even though the level of investment and the economy is declining, we have helped our country's social and economical."

Currently, stocks have fallen due to limited travel to the US from mainland Europe in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Stock prices are currently low, it's time for people to buy the best stock of their choice. As an experienced investor, Vasilis Milionis advises people not to panic buying or selling their shares. Government policies and the impact of the coronavirus fluctuate the market. Therefore Mr. Milionis suggests waiting for the right moment to buy or sell shares.

About Vasilis Milionis

Vasilis Milionis is a Greek entrepreneur and businessman. His passions are currently investing in the luxury tourism sector and property. He currently encourages people to be wise in addressing the issues affecting the market nowadays. Governments from various countries have collaborated and been quick to respond in preventing the development of coronavirus worldwide. Vasilis Milionis is an entrepreneur who also cares about the environment in need.stats
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