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Elumicate Empowers Users with Token Rewards Program Launch

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MONCTON, New Brunswick - Amzeal -- Today marks a pivotal moment in the history of Elumicate, as they proudly unveil their highly anticipated token rewards program. At precisely 11 am Central Daylight Time, the Elumicate community begins taking the reins in shaping the future of the crowd-sourced video network.

A Community-Powered Revolution

From the very beginning, Elumicate has been driven by a singular vision - to empower individuals and communities to take control of their personal security and data privacy. Our journey has been a testament to the incredible strength of our users, who have now entrusted us with their camera streams and supported our mission to put people in charge.

Rewarding Your Contributions

The launch of our token rewards program is a pivotal moment in our commitment to rewarding your valuable contributions. Starting today, Elumicate users will earn tokens at intervals of just 5 minutes. The rewards program kicks off at an impressive rate of 50,000 tokens per worker per year.

But here's the twist that truly embodies the spirit of community: as our worker count increases, the rewards decrease, thereby rewarding early participation . Rewards rates will halve once we reach 500 workers and continue to halve with each subsequent tripling of the worker count. It's a dynamic system that ensures your dedication is recognized and rewarded.

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Join the Movement

What's more, onboarding your camera streams has never been easier. Whether you're using your IP cameras or your mobile device, there are no fees or special hardware requirements. Elumicate is designed to be accessible to all, and your participation is crucial in building a network that truly serves the people.

Your Data, Your Choice

Elumicate tokens are more than just rewards; they're your key to obtaining valuable data and hold ownership rights. Convert your tokens to data credits and gain access to insights that matter to you, or hold on to them for voting rights. Your data, your choice.

A Bright Future

Today's launch isn't just about rewards; it's about recognizing the importance of community-driven solutions in an increasingly connected world. Governments, businesses, emergency services, and individuals alike stand to benefit from Elumicate, but it's the community that defines its purpose.

So, join us at 11 am CDT and be part of this momentous occasion. Together, we'll reshape the landscape of personal security, data privacy, and community-driven technology.

Elumicate is more than a network or app; it's a movement. Together, we rewrite the rules. 💪🔓

Check out the app by visiting https://app.elumicate.com or by downloading on Android or IOS!

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