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Elite Experts Management Sets the Bar High in 2017

MODESTO, Calif. - May 15, 2017 - Amzeal -- As their morning meeting comes to a close, Edgar Hernandez, founder of Elite Experts Management Inc in Modesto, California, leaves his team with a final thought. "Teamwork. We are only as strong as our weakest link. Let's build each other up and I promise you all, there is no goal we can't meet!" Mr Hernandez is no stranger to the concept of teamwork. Having played soccer throughout is high school career and into college, he has felt the struggles and rewards that come with leading a team. "When leading a team, trust is an integral component, and that is something I strive to build into my team every day," says Edgar.

Success is not foreign to Mr Hernandez and his team of market strategists either. Having pioneered several successful marketing campaigns in the San Diego industry, Edgar and team expanded to Modesto, California to build a new market. Starting inside just two locations, Elite Experts has grown into now six locations and is expecting to continue their growth into another location within the next six weeks. "Success is contagious! I love coming into to work. The atmosphere, the people, everything about this place is great!," shares one of Elite Experts up-and-coming team members. But intrastate expansion is only the tip of the iceberg. Elite Experts is currently also expanding into Oregon to take on a flourishing market in Bend, and shortly after has their sights set on markets in northern California and Washington, positioning itself to be a driving force across the West Coast.

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Edgar and the executives at Elite Experts know that success can't come by will alone. When it comes to building a strong team, there is much more to consider. "Here at Elite Experts, we have three essential keys to our success," says Hernandez. "Integrity; doing what is right at all times. Determination; being willing to work towards a goal even when the road is tough. Optimism; choosing to find the positive in every situation." The positive impact these values have had on this team and, in turn, their effected markets, is evident in both their work ethic and accelerated growth. "We see great things ahead, and we're always excited to welcome new team members!"

If you are interested in joining the Elite Experts Marketing Inc team, please contact their Human Resources Department

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