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eBAY Fails to Protect Consumers by Violating its own Selling Policies

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ELAJ, LLC eBAY Policy to have items received by Buyer BEFORE EXPIRATION DATE Excellent 4.5 STAR Reviews of ELAJ across Internet Anna suffered extreme eczema all over before ELAJ CEO/Founder of ELAJ, Suhein Beck guarantees family formula with great pride. ELAJ product
How eBAY knowingly allows unscrupulous 3rd party resellers to keep selling expired Food/Drug Items such as ELAJ® Eczema Relief products.

LAGUNA HILLS, Calif. - May 25, 2018 - Amzeal -- Protection of consumers has proven to not be a priority for eBay.  Though eBay has explicitly clear policies on selling expired Food/Drug and Over the Counter Medications, they have shown negligence to remove clearly expired item(s). This reveals an unwillingness to penalize resellers with disregard for consumer safety, even after repeated violations.

As the brand owner of ELAJ® Eczema and Skincare Products, it has been a futile battle with no response from eBay over a 6 month period of time that has been well-documented in emails, eBay Product Violation Reports, 7 long phone calls to eBay and a certified letter to eBay's Legal Counsel.  While ELAJ® representatives and Founder, Suhein Beck, tried to contact the 3rd party resellers directly, they defiantly refused to stop selling the well-received Eczema Skincare Product that maintained excellent 4.5 product reviews across the internet.

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One example is Top Rated eBay seller (eightiesvoyager) who refused to stop selling ELAJ® Eczema Relief because he said, "it sells so well and I personally use the product and can testify that it still works fine." Despite repeated emails of CEASE & DESIST demands over a 2 month period of time he still refuses to stop selling ELAJ®.

In contrast, when AMAZON was notified, they quickly removed all unauthorized 3rd party resellers.

Our open question to eBay is:

"What else does it take for you to comply with your own selling

For more information about ELAJ visit www.elajnaturally.com

Contact: Evian Mustafa

Source: ELAJ
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