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Dr. Robert Lichtenstein Launches a New Website

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About Dr Robert Lichtenstein
Dr. Lichtenstein, a licensed chiropractor, and board-certified nutritional specialist, offers telehealth care for patients seeking natural healing methods for many severe and chronic health conditions.

FOREST HILLS, N.Y. - Amzeal -- Dr. Robert Lichtenstein is pleased to announce the launch of a new website to assist anyone seeking a healthy and safe natural alternative for severe and chronic diseases and disorders. The site is designed for prospective telehealth patients who want to overcome illness with holistic healing options and natural remedies.

The website features extensive information about autoimmune diseases and microbiome, digestive, and endocrine disorders. Visitors can learn about the conditions treated by the doctor and his preferred healing methods. In addition, the website briefly explains each of the ailments addressed through his practice.

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People can browse the site and see comparisons between traditional treatment methods and what his services offer. The descriptions of the ailments are not a diagnostic tool, but they allow people to compare their experiences with the information. Through the website, visitors can discover a method for people to learn more about using natural healing options to achieve better health. The website is visitor-friendly, informative, and easy to navigate.

Dr.Lichtenstein is a licensed chiropractor, a Nutrition Response Testing and Applied Kinesiology Practitioner, and a Board-Certified Nutritional Specialist. His education and experience allowed him to devise a healthcare plan for himself while he battled stage-4 cancer twice. The doctor was able to overcome these illnesses, and he believes his methods can help many others to improve their health.

Dr. Lictenstein explains: "I know many people struggle with autoimmune diseases and digestive conditions for years without finding adequate control or relief from their symptoms or the initial health problem. The methods I described are what I used to help save my life. The alternative options have the potential to help many others live a better quality of life. I wanted to share these ideas and options with as many people as possible. Choosing virtual services over the weekend makes it so I can help the patients who would not have been able to visit an office during traditional business hours."

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Functional Nutritionist Dr. Robert Lichtenstein, DC, CNS, invites everyone to explore each page and read the information shared on his new website. Take some time to learn more about Standard Process Supplements and discover how lifestyle changes and adjusting nutrition plans can help people heal their bodies, strengthen their immune systems, and directly address the cause of their health concerns.

Contact Dr. Lichtenstein by scheduling a free consultation through the website by visiting FunctionalNutritionistNY.com.

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