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DocBuddy Op Note Integrated with CGM APRIMA EHR

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DENVER - Amzeal -- DocBuddy Inc, a leading provider of mobile and interoperable provider workflow solutions, is pleased to announce the successful integration of DocBuddy Op Note with the CGM APRIMA EHR.  DocBuddy and CGM APRIMA are long time integration partners with the relationship beginning in 2017 between DocBuddy's Enterprise solution, for clinic-based providers, and CGM APRIMA EHR.

The newly established integration between DocBuddy Op Note and CGM APRIMA EHR enables the seamless flow of patient information and appointment information from CGM APRIMA to DocBuddy Op Note.  Flowing from Op Note back to the patient's chart in CGM APRIMA EHR are the physicians' completed operative reports.

DocBuddy Op Note streamlines the generation and approval of operative reports, including procedure images right from the point of care at the ambulatory surgery center.  Legacy transcription-based workflows can take days and even weeks for the creation of operative reports, approval of the same, and finally queuing them 'ready to bill.'

Most exciting for users of both CGM APRIMA EHR and Op Note, this newly announced integration accelerates the revenue cycle and billing process of the surgeon fee, generally handled by the surgeon's clinic, by automatically placing the completed operative report as a PDF in the Patient's Attachments.

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"Op Note is a powerful product that takes the pain and cost out of the broken workflows that exist in the post surgery revenue cycle" said Andy D'Agostino, DocBuddy Founder & CEO. He continued "Our mission is to empower providers, care teams, and staff to access, create, and move data all at the point of care and Op Note's newly established integration with the CGM APRIMA EHR delivers on these objectives."

About DocBuddy Inc.

DocBuddy was founded in 2014 in Denver, CO with the express purpose of delivering more TIME FOR LIFE for providers, care teams, and their organizations across all care settings.

DocBuddy provides iOS® and Android® based mobile applications for providers that deliver simplified access to data and rapid documentation of patient notes.  DocBuddy also delivers browser based solutions for administrative staff to fully support and accelerate clinical and revenue cycle management workflows.

To learn more about how DocBuddy removes the pain and cost of broken healthcare workflows, visit https://docbuddy.com or email us at sales@docbuddy.com.

Erik Sunset
VP Marketing & Business Development

Source: DocBuddy Inc.
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