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Digital Journey: Transforming is Hard but Your Edge Won't Hold without Leveraging New Tools

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NEW YORK - Amzeal -- Is your organization undergoing a digital journey?  And if not, should it?

We are witnessing a significant shift in how technology is obtained, used, and managed. Part of this "disruption" is companies trading capital expense for variable expense to gain economies of scale. But it also includes making decisions to improve agility, and increase business speed.

Captains of industry want IT to be focused on results, innovation, and continuous improvement. Your company's digital journey can be defined as the acceleration of business activities, processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of digital technologies and their impact in a strategic and prioritized way.

Your digital journey will probably be the ultimate challenge in change management. It will impact not only industry structures and strategic positioning but it affects all levels of an organization (every task, activity, process) and even its extended supply chain. Business leaders must constantly challenge their organizations to ensure this change can unlock productivity gains and significant competitive advantage all while delivering exceptional customer experience.

Each organization's journey is unique. In order to successfully execute on your goals, you need to understand your organization's current state, the target state, and the transition required to achieve the target state. Knowing this will help you set goals and give you a fighting chance in today's uber competitive world.

Check out "Digital Journey" on YouTube (https://youtu.be/GjSnmsqwUN4)

First, let's talk about the "why?". What's our motivation? We don't want to change just to change. Heck, there are literally hundreds of things we could do that would be easier (and frankly more fun) than embracing a technological shift in the way we do things.

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The reality: Sustainable competitive advantages are nearly impossible to hold onto if your business is stagnant and not constantly pushing itself. When organizations are more responsive and adapt to change, they can create an environment that fosters rapid iteration without hesitation or fear.

Let's get real. Your digital journey is going to be difficult -- and it should be. In other words...if it ain't rough, it ain't right. Change doesn't happen overnight, so why would organizational change be any different?

Here are some questions to ask the team to see if you are ready:
1.) Do we have the right people in the right roles?
2.) Have we opened up all avenues for communication?
3.) Did we secure all of our navigational instruments?
4.) Do we need to re-organize our crew into smaller teams to empower decision-making?
5.) Have we adequately trained our crew regarding best practices?
6.) Have we given our crew members the permission to deviate from traditional rules?
7.) Have we shifted to a short-term planning mindset?

A digital journey is more than simply digitizing data. It requires evolving from a rigid mindset to an environment that is designed to adapt to the changing needs of an organization. Yes there is only one captain but we will need to take full advantage of everyone's skills to breakthrough to where we are sailing with an innovative approach.

Think of your digital journey this way: You can harness the tremendous potential of today's cutting-edge technologies… similar to how a ship seizes the wind.

But your journey will be so much more variegated than just switching out software or hardware. Just like you can't raise a sail and expect to arrive at your desired port, your journey is destined to change the way you operate.

Just like our nautical counterparts who used sextants and charts, technology plays a big part in helping us adapt to change and develop an environment that supports transformation. Cloud-based services can reduce the amount of time you need to think about undifferentiated components of your systems and free your talent to focus on more important endeavors.

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But organizations must also be disciplined about what they build in-house and the tools they should seek from a service provider, cloud provider or vendor. This takes extraordinary discipline because you have to focus time, people and resources on iterating in a way that generates meaningful feedback and contributions from everyone involved.

Here are three high-level bullet points to consider:
1.) Rapid iteration without hesitation: Businesses used to rely on creating a competitive advantage by seeking out a particular position in the market and protecting it via intellectual property or scale, but those protective measures don't work well in today's market.

2.) Your map can't be found at the Apple Store: Tech vendors constantly pitch new products they claim will solve all your pain points. Your journey will very likely require a unique set of tools and custom solutions.

3.) Don't avoid the need to transform: Your competitors are building better widgets everyday, and also finding ways to be more responsive to their customers. You could probably benefit from an Amazonian feedback loop to speed iteration.

Ultimately, if you plan to stay in business, don't delay in shipping out on your digital journey. Even Vasco Da Gama had to start by hoisting a single sail. Start today by assessing how your business uses technology and begin building an action plan for success.

"Digital Journey" is produced by TVP in New York City and sponsored by RestonLogic, cloud wizards leveraging over 10 years experience helping companies automate, transform and build highly-secure and stable systems. Book a strategy session today!

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