Demand for Edutainment Centers Set for a Massive Hit in and Post 2020

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Edutainment is not just about a simple combination of education and entertainment, but the recent concept has opened a world of possibilities in 'learning through leisure' for kids and adults alike. Societies in numerous regions of the developed as well as developing knowledge-based world have been showing rising interest in edutainment centers market. Advances made in computer-augmented learning has made these centers acting as enabler for preschool children more freedom to learn through play. They are also sometimes called pay-for-play, and parents in urban areas in developing economies are keen to test the leaning potential of edutainment centers. Key demographic segments in the edutainment centers market are children (0-12), teenager (13-18), young adult (19-25), and adult (25+).

The study on the edutainment centers market strives to assess the revenue potential, both quantitatively and qualitatively. The latter analysis hovers around offering insights into the key growth drivers and impediments, trends and opportunities, and the technological advances that drive the strides of the edutainment centers market.

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The dynamics of the edutainment market has been increasingly driven by the growing evidence of better learning outcomes in the concept of 'learning through leisure'. As a result, numerous underlying methods and evolved and educationalists are urging parents and guardians of kids to join edutainment centers. With great hopes heaped on their wards to get weaned on knowledge-based world, edutainment centers are soon to get mainstreamed in childhood learning curriculum. This will expand the horizon of edutainment centers market.

Increasing trend of parents and guardians taking their children and wards to edutainment centers also help drive the evolution of the edutainment centers market. These centers have earned a huge interest for another reason: as a place to promote physical activity for kids and toddlers. Proponents of these centers are focusing squarely on ensuring a safe environment for their kids, attracting more parents to become a part of the edutainment centers market. These parents are showing a healthy attitude toward forms of learning that are prevalent in most of the edutainment centers.

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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic disruptions of social life has turned education on its heads for kids. In this scenario, some companies in the education industry have been quick to leverage the concept of edutainment to drive engagement. As the lockdown is being relaxed in staggered way in these economies, such edutainment videos will see a large commercial interest, unlocking new prospect in the edutainment centers market. Also, incorporation of virtual reality will help edutainment videos build up better capabilities in meeting the learning needs of kids. Experts opine that at-home learning has opened a fresh avenue for players in the edutainment centers market.

Some of the well-entrenched industry players looking for consolidating their positions in the edutainment centers market are Time Out Group, KidsSTOP, Plabo, The Harlem Edutainment Company, Vacation Edutainment, Scarlett Entertainment, LegoLand Discovery, and EXPLORiT Kindercity Volketswil.stats
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