Deciphering iPaaS: Bailing Out Monolithic and Legacy Systems Through Cloud Integration

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RestonLogic Offers Advanced iPaaS "Strategy Sessions" to Interested Companies

RESTON, Va. - Sept. 21, 2018 - Amzeal -- Integrated Platform as a Service (iPaaS) is a burgeoning and cutting-edge trend percolating through the cloud, and it is giving CIOs with old and outdated legacy systems some hope that they might be able to bail out their monoliths through Cloud Integration.

iPaaS is a demonstrated method to build "ground-to-cloud", or "cloud-to-ground" integrations in a hybrid environment, meaning a mix of on-premises, and cloud. In other words, iPaaS unifies disparate IT systems and connects them via APIs to unlock efficiencies, spur innovation, break down silos, and boost efficiency and agility.

iPaaS addresses age-old IT questions like:
How do you integrate new technology with old technology?
How do you connect cloud apps and data to on-premises legacy systems?

In the most progressive use cases, teams have combined iPaaS with DevOps to build "zero-code" integrations that establish a smooth symbiosis between differentiated applications. iPaaS combined with DevOps helps on four fronts: Integration, Design, Monitoring and Governance.

A recent story posted on described IPaaS a "modern-day approach" to automating integration between applications. iPaaS uses durable connectors, maps, and transformations to link systems in a way that is "more efficient than conventional integrations."

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iPaaS solves a critical problem: complexity. Specifically, what is the best way for organizations - still operating legacy or monolithic systems -  to leverage new technologies.

"15 or 20 years back, enterprises only had three or four business systems, and enterprises could use developer tools and hand-coded connections for electronic data interchange" says "However, this method is not ideal for a scenario (today) in which thousands of cloud and on-premises applications (are required to) run in parallel."

So how might iPaaS work under the hood? Cloud Integration delivers a flexible connectivity layer using pre-built, intelligent connectors that integrates data sources and cloud applications like Salesforce, Workday and ServiceNow; and on-premises enterprise applications like SAP and Oracle EBS; as well as databases such as Oracle, DB2, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Amazon RDS; including sensors, social media, and more.

Other iPaaS use cases might include speeding up the time to market by graphically choreographing the interactions between microservices and APIs and leveraging an automated DevOps pipeline for continuous delivery, or simplifying the building and shipping a cloud-native app with native container support, and transforming existing apps to cloud-native through migration.

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But companies interested in the potential of iPaaS might consider reviewing best practices with an experienced cloud integrator or consulting team before they begin their journey because achieving all plenary advantages could require significant training, preparation and planning

"iPaaS has actually been around for several years" explains Brian Tunison, RestonLogic's Director of Service Delivery & Design. "We have helped several clients implement iPaaS, which allowed them to integrate their front- and back-office apps, and streamline mission-critical business processes."

RestonLogic is a cloud integrator uniquely positioned to work with clients who want to leverage the potential of iPaaS. The company has over 10 years experience executing "purpose-built" and agile solutions for complex IT projects related to microservices, CI/CD, DevOps, and AWS services.

Companies interested in learning how integrate their systems with iPaaS can schedule a container-specific strategy session today.

Based in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area, RestonLogic executes flexible, purpose-built, secure and cost-effective IT solutions that automate, streamline and migrate assets in the cloud.

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Brian Tunison,
Director, Service Delivery & Design

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