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Steven Pope's LinkedIn Post Goes Viral After Employee Quits on the Spot Over Return-to-Work Request – Steven's Ready to Share More on Business and Culture!

ATLANTA - Amzeal -- Steven Pope, CEO of My Amazon Guy, recently shared a LinkedIn post about an employee who abruptly resigned after being asked to show up to work. The exchange quickly went viral, sparking discussions on workplace expectations and communication.

On June 3rd, Steven Pope initiated a conversation with an employee regarding a lack of new video content. Here is the transcript:

Steven Pope, 9:53 PM:
"What did you do today? I don't see any new vids."

Employee, 8:47 AM:
"Hi Steven - I had to get a new laptop yesterday. The job I resigned from told me at first I could buy their laptop off of them via final paycheck reduction but IT reneged and I had to send it back. So yesterday was filled with that. I have also sent over an ASIN video review now to Airine and Jin for their review as requested."

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Steven Pope, 9:01 AM:
"Did you communicate this to anyone yesterday?"

Employee, 9:09 AM:
"No, because I was very much focused on getting the new laptop and making sure all the tools were installed properly."

Steven Pope, 9:44 AM:
"Don't no-show no comm a 2nd time or you're out. You didn't have a crisis where you couldn't send a one-line note. No comms doesn't work for me."

Employee, 11:27 AM:
"I'm sorry Steven but this situation does not seem like where I'm supposed to be. I'm also sorry for myself because I quit my job for a job at MAG, which I am now also quitting. I do expect my paycheck for hours worked, however today 6/4 I do not expect any hours paid. Any further comms relating to HR can be sent to my personal email as I'm closing out Slack."

The post drew significant attention, with viewers debating the expectations for remote work and the importance of communication. Steven Pope emphasized the need for accountability and effective communication in his team. He also expressed his willingness to discuss business culture and leadership on media platforms, stating,


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