Cloud Wars: Elasticsearch Controversy, VMware Recruits Partners for AWS Push + more

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NEW YORK - March 18, 2019 - Amzeal -- Here's our top story: To compete effectively in the cloud wars, Google Cloud will need to shift its culture from an engineering bent toward sales and marketing, reports Silicon Angle. New Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian has signaled his intention to drive that change, going beyond the company's longstanding focus on "digital native" customers to address large, technically savvy enterprise buyers. Already in the past three years, Google has quadrupled its direct enterprise sales force for its cloud platform, and Kurian has signaled his intention to deepen those investments.

In other news, AWS' Elasticsearch controversy may further entrench the open-source vendor and cloud wars, reports Cloud Tech. "The Amazon and Elastic controversy is the product of a collision of models," says Stephen O'Grady of RedMonk. "Elasticsearch proved to be an enormously popular piece of software. The permissive license the software was released under enabled that popularity… [but] permissive licenses also enable usage such as Amazon's." So the logical response for a cloud supplier to the addition of adverse licensing terms will be, in at least some cases, a fork, which is why a move like Amazon's… was expected and inevitable. In other words, they are essentially acting as might be expected.

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Meanwhile, VMware is recruiting partners for AWS cloud push, reports CRN. They are looking to fill roles in Sydney and Melbourne, and whoever scores the jobs gets to "recruit and activate new and dormant partners" and will be measured metrics including "Recruit new partners" and "Activating a VMware Cloud on AWS Practice with named key reseller and SISO partners". VMware on AWS has fou use cases: data centre migration, data centre extension, disaster recovery and desktop virtualisation.

Did you know? Automation is the answer for companies are looking for an easy way to create and tear down infrastructure to meet specific workloads such as a batch job, or bring up hundreds of servers in cloud in a consistent manner. These orchestration and provisioning services, typically performed by DevOps engineers can make or break cloud adoption. Tools like Chef, Ansible, Puppet, AWS CloudFormation, Terraform are the key. RestonLogic has advises dozens of companies on automation strategies training employees, and best practices. Contact RestonLogic to book a free strategy session today.

This one was interesting: Azure makes it easy to automatically scale based on customer demand, but if not properly governed, it can quickly lead to sprawl, higher costs, and security and compliance issues, reports Tech Republic. Enterprise IT organizations want to achieve greater speed and agility by moving to the cloud, but are hindered by the complexity of the migration process and new challenges presented by managing operations at cloud scale.

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In other news, Alluxio has joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). "The rapid adoption of containers and orchestration technologies like Kubernetes as the de-facto standard for managing workloads and services in public, private and hybrid cloud environments has led many Alluxio users to deploy workloads in orchestrated containerized environments," Alluxio CEO said Haoyuan Li. "We solve the data locality challenges that come with cloud environments by bringing data closer to compute in containerized environments orchestrated by Kubernetes."

And lastly, Streamlio has introduced a cloud-native service for fast data powered by Apache Pulsar, the top-level Apache Software Foundation project initially created within Yahoo! by Streamlio founders, and runs within AWS. It allows virtually any organization to benefit from this proven enterprise-grade technology for fast data processing, and the Streamlio team's deep expertise deploying and operating Pulsar, with a few simple clicks.

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