Cloud Swarm: SAP Ousts Programming Talent, Google's "Stadia' Cloud-Gaming Unveiled + more

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NEW YORK - March 20, 2019 - Amzeal -- Here's our top story: SAP has ousted some of its top in-house programmers, reports Reuters. Gone is Bjoern Goerke, chief technology officer and head of SAP's cloud platform business, along with programming gurus Thomas Jung and Rich Heilman. As widely reported, SAP announced in January it would lay off 4,400 staff in a restructuring, but what some of the German company's customers didn't expect was that top software talent would be among those shipping out. The departures underscore CEO Bill McDermott's determination to deliver on his long-stated ambition to drag SAP out of its comfort zone providing old-school enterprise software and complete its transformation into a digital platform business.

Meanwhile, Google has unveiled its "Stadia' cloud gaming service, which allows you to stream games to your PC, tablet, TV, or phone. Describing it as a platform for everyone, Google's ambition is to stream games to all types of devices. Stadia will stream games from the cloud to the Chrome browser, Chromecast, and Pixel devices, and it will launch at some point in 2019 in the US, Canada, UK, and Europe.

In other news, Accenture IT will soon be three layers deep in embracing the multi-cloud, reports Tech Target. Specifically, the company is in the process of tapping Google as its third cloud platform, setting a multi-cloud strategy example for its customers. Andrew Wilson, CIO at Accenture, said the company initially adopted AWS, later added Microsoft Azure and has started the process of taking on Google Cloud Platform. "We are currently in the midst of testing key Google Cloud Platform services for consumption," he said, noting that Accenture puts any platform through a security certification before the company consumes it.

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Turning to another interesting blurb, Data processing startup Rockset is making its serverless analytics and search platform available just months after emerging from stealth mode. Reports Silicon Angle. Rockset's solution stretches the definition of severless automating the logistics involved in prepping data for analysis in addition to provisioning the necessary hardware. With its serverless analytics and search platform, Rockset is trying to provide a consistent source of "clean data" from a range of fragmented systems that includes the data lakes, data streams and NoSQL databases commonly used by enterprises today. This data is typically generated in a number of formats that makes it difficult to access without time-consuming modeling of schemas and extract-transform-load procedures.

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In other news, a new open-source project called "Tekton" offers a Kubernetes-native framework for quickly building CI/CD systems that run anywhere Kubernetes runs, reports Info World. The Google-led project, which has had contributions from other companies, features a shared set of building blocks for creating cloud-native CI/CD pipelines. WIth Tekton, developers can build and deploy software across multiple clouds or on-premises systems.

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And lastly, Microsoft's Azure Backup for SQL Server solution (used to backup SQL Server when the relational database management system is housed on Azure datacenter virtual machines) is now available. Azure Backup for SQL Server gives organizations the ability to perform "one-click point-in-time restores" with a 15-minute recovery. Other perks include scalability using Microsoft datacenter infrastructure and long-term retention of data if an organization is willing to pay for the storage costs and protected instance costs, report Channel Partner.

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