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Cloud Swarm: Alibaba Doubles Down, AWS Slashes Prices, Nvidia's Releases "GPU Blades" + more

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NEW YORK - March 22, 2019 - Amzeal -- In our top story: Alibaba plans to explore a more integrated and intelligent future in the cloud beyond China, reports Cloud Tech. "Alibaba has championed cloud computing in China over the past 10 years" said CTO Jeff Zhang. "In the future, our highly compatible and standards-based platform will allow SaaS partners to onboard easily and thrive". In other words, the company's cloud arm is becoming its "main business focus", and cloud adoption is expected to "continue and become more immersive in the traditional sectors across China". The past six months have seen a period of expansion for Alibaba Cloud with new data centers in Indonesia and London. The company says its IaaS dominance in China is such that it commands a larger market share than the second to eighth largest players put together.

Meanwhile, AWS has pivoted toward higher bandwidth requirements and cuts prices on lower tiers to handle customers' seasonal workload peaks, reports Tech Target. AWS has added flexibility to its cloud for customers with periodic demands for high-bandwidth direct connections, and it slashed prices to lower-end connection tiers. The AWS Direct Connect expansions don't exactly reset the competitive dynamics for direct connectivity to public clouds, but they help make Direct Connect easier and faster to deploy and use, said Brad Casemore, an analyst with IDC.

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In other news, Nvidia has launched new hardware and software for on-prem and cloud providers with "GPU Blades", which are AI software libraries and low-power GPUs, reports Network World. The RTX Blade Server packs  to 40 Turing-generation GPUs into an 8U enclosure, and multiple enclosures can be combined into a "pod" with up to 1,280 GPUs working as a single system and using Mellanox technology as the storage and networking interconnect.

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Turning to another interesting blurb, First Data has released "Authorization Optimization", an artificial intelligence and machine learning powered digital commerce solution designed for businesses with high volumes of digital data. It applies intelligent transaction tools such as robust rules engine and data science to enable merchants to significantly increase authorization rates for card-on-file transactions, and facilitates merchants to perform their own analytics in a single dashboard on a variety of data types.

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In other news, JUnit, a unit testing framework for Java, has adopted Azure Pipelines for continuous integration (CI). In a post on Microsoft's Open Source blog, JUnit's Christian Stein described their journey from three unique CI setups to one. JUnit runs on Windows, Linux, and MacOS environments, and previously used Jenkins, Travis CI, and AppVeyor to produce builds. To consolidate and simplify, the JUnit team chose Microsoft's hosted build service.

And lastly, The Linux Foundation will now host DataPractices.org as one of its projects. DataPractices.org was initially created by data.world as a "Manifesto for Data Practices" to include the values and principles that enable effective, modern, and ethical approaches to data teamwork. As part of the Linux Foundation, DataPractices.org will create a vendor-neutral community that can keep establishing best practices and increase the amount of data knowledge in the ecosystem, reports SD Times

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