City May Spray Clouds to Fight Global Warming, But

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A Successful Experiment and Scientific Study Suggest a Better Way

WASHINGTON - Amzeal -- Alameda, California, is about to vote on whether to spray saltwater into the clouds - "marine cloud brightening" - to help test whether widespread use of this tactic might successfully reverse global warming,

But there may be a better and less risky way to slash global warming, says a professor at George Washington University who is backed up by a detailed scientific study published by Cornell University.

Professor John Banzhaf, an MIT-trained engineer with two U.S. patents, and the creator of the "Banzhaf Index," notes that recent experiments have proven that energy can be obtained from nuclear fusion.

Such a development might open the door to ways in which the virtually unlimited supply of clean energy, which fusion promises to provide, could be used to slow or perhaps even reverse global warming without the difficult and very expensive problem of slashing greenhouse gases, says professor Banzhaf.

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Fusion power generation could help reduce global warming in at least two major ways.

Thus, as a second way of using this new and rapidly emerging technology, fusion might be able to provide the enormous and almost incomprehensible amount of energy to make it possible to increase earth's orbit by the tiny amount necessary to completely overcome global warming; an approach now being discussed and analyzed which could involve cosmic nudging..

See, for example, Using Cosmic Nudging [Changing the Orbits of Asteroids] to Fight Global Warming (

More details about how such a cosmic nudge might be accomplished can be found at Can A Change In Orbit Save Planet Earth? (

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Another approach to achieving a slightly larger Earth orbit was recently proposed in Can We Use a Giant Thruster to Change Earth's Orbit? (

Moreover, a recent analysis including detailed calculations by an astrophysicist, as outlined in a newly published paper, have also lent more credence to Banzhaf's original cosmic nudge idea.
Banzhaf: Fusion Power Achieved – Now, Can It Nudge Earth Into a New Orbit? (

Cornell University - Gravity-Assist as a Solution to Save Earth from Global Warming (   @profbanzhaf

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