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Chinese Military Hacking, Govts are Stockpiling Exploits, Bitcoin R.I.P. and much more Tech News

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NEW YORK - Nov. 12, 2018 - Amzeal -- We have entered a new industrial revolution, and the present-day protection of information systems absolutely requires a new approach, considering the rapid growth of malware and other emerging challenges in cybersecurity.

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Today's highlighted blurbs include:

• Cyber Attacks are Risk #1 for Businesses
• Secretive Chinese Military Hacker Group Now Attacking India

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• blockchain and bitcoin fever is over
• Security chips have not reduced US credit-card fraud
• The Necessary Evil of Governments Stockpiling Exploits
• Fileless malware driving uptake of behavioural analytics--
• Bitcoin Wallets Vulnerable To Malware, Need Better Protection
• Reducing Credit Card Fraud and Money Laundering with Machine Learning

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