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In general, parking at Frankfurt Airport has always been limited in time and difficult. In the past, there were parking meters at Frankfurt Airport where users paid two euros for 15 minutes of parking. Since 2015, the cars have been driving through a barrier system at the terminal driveways. This is the same barrier system that we now have at Düsseldorf Airport. Parking for up to 10 minutes was free of charge, only after 10 Minutes there were fees. This system has a clear sense of controlling the flow of traffic in the departure area of ​​the airport. But are ten minutes enough? This is very scarce for many travelers. The drop-off zone is not used for parking for hours, but drivers can only stop there briefly, say goodbye and quickly drive away again. However, this does not always work. The parking garages and parking lots are sometimes full, traffic jams occur, drivers are annoyed - parking fees increase.

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But there are many private parking providers. In most cases, they are cheaper. For example travel-parking in Flörsheim am Main. No additional parking spaces are planned at the two current airport terminals 1 and 2. This is not possible for reasons of space alone. Because the terminal entrance is structurally limited. Only when Terminal 3 is completed, there will be new parking spaces. In addition, travelers have the option of using the covered car parks P3 and P4 airport Frankfurt, in which users can park for up to 30 minutes for two euro. We hope that parking at Frankfurt Airport will soon be cheap and convenient.stats
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