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The Public, Auto Dealers, Transit and Public School Districts are refusing to incorporate Electric Vehicles. It feels like our Federal Governments goal is to spend as much Taxpayer dollars as possible? There are CARB Approved Proven Guaranteed alternatives. Reduce Pollution +/-70% Today!

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Amzeal -- The ECOFuelMax Pollution Solution (aka ECO Fuel System) has been used on thousands of diesel School Buses, Transit, Heavy Equipment, Law Enforcement and US Government vehicles for over 10 years.

The ECO Fuel System is a patented sole source low cost solution that can reduce Carbon Pollution and Greenhouse Gases +/-70% while reducing Fuel Consumption +/-10%. In addition Diesel Regeneration Cycles are reduced 40% to over 70%. It utilizes Electrolysis/Electrostatic Energy (click here).

For a few hundred dollars instead of tens of thousands of dollars for an electric vehicle that has a +/-325 mile restriction you can reduce Pollution Today! Certified Reports, testimonials and videos are available online. The ECO Fuel System has been called "Snake Oil" by many. Once a No Risk test is done by Truck, Bus, Waste or Automobile Owners that claim is overturned. Many have outfitted their entire fleet of Vehicles, not only in the USA where the ECO is manufactured but around the World.

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The US Government is aware of the ECO Fuel System and uses it at the US Border Patrol, NASA, US Army, Law Enforcement and many more. Forcing everyone to comply with Pollution mandates has angered Companies and the Public. Why not utilize a low cost No Risk, Guaranteed proven solution that will reduce Pollution IMMEDIATELY, until an Electric alternative is affordable and Sustainable.

For over 20 years the ECO Fuel System and its principals have been working to help Companies, Governmental Agencies and the Public reduce Fuel Consumption and Maintenance Expenses. Anyone who is interested in Saving Money and Reducing Pollution, a No Risk proven solution is available Today. Go Online ( or Call and speak with a Human. Ask about our other Biodegradable solutions and our Holiday Discounts.

GO GREEN – Burn Clean! Happy Holiday's

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Source: ECO Fuel Systems, LLC

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