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Call for Speakers for Stand Out Summit

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Speaking as and expert helps businesses stand out in a crowded marketplace

VANCOUVER, British Columbia - Amzeal -- MarketAPeel is looking for speakers, like you, who are experts in branding, marketing, pr, sales and enjoy sharing their insights on virtual stages. The Stand Out Summit will provide small and medium sized businesses solutions to help them stand out from the noise and connect with their ideal customers.

Speaking on virtual stages is a way for experts to get known as thought leaders and for business owners to get in front of their ideal audiences to show them what they know. Attendees of the summit will be looking for ideas to help them save money and time to get in front of their ideal audiences and make sales. They want to hear stories about how business owners, just like them, found success in today's marketplace. They want practical solutions they can put into action right away to increase profits and grow their customer base.

The Stand Out Summit is for speakers who use virtual events to grow their own customers base, following, and influence. They have an offer to sell and speaking is one of the many ways they stand out from their competition and connect with their ideal customers.

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With a recession, mass layoffs in the tech sector, and increasing costs, the small business owner needs help and ideas. They want to know what worked for other people just like them and not big corporations with deep pockets. They don't want a sales spiel, they want to walk away with an idea they can put into practice that will save them money and time. The speakers Shannon Peel of MarketAPeel is searching for will full fill these needs.

MarketAPeel is committed to being a partner with experts and business owners who use speaking as a way to stand out from their competition and make an impact on the world. As a brand storytelling agency and digital publisher, it has created a number of platforms to help business owners tell their brand stories to the marketplace and connect with ideal customers along their buying journey.

For more information about how you can become a speaker at the Stand Out Summit go to:


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