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Brain Start Phones: easily helping you for better phone usage

The website "Brain Start Phones" wants to launch a remote repair service for mobile phones. For the time being a blog has been launched to solve the great problems encountered by users of smartphones.

Dec. 23, 2016 - Amzeal -- How to repair your mobile phones? It is the vocation of the site launched two months ago. In the end, the site will offer a dedicated telephone line allowing all users to contact mobile phone professionals.

For now, the site takes the form of a categorized blog by brands and major thematic problems encountered on smartphones. The site has a vocation to enrich itself over time, with new questions resolved. If the site covers a range of areas on telephony, other sectors such as appliances or cars will not be addressed in the future. Indeed, the site is intended to be the reference in terms of mobile phone repair. That is how his specialization will be part of his great strengths.

The opening of the telephone standard with experts at the disposal of consumers is planned for February 2017, if the site is made sufficiently known by then. This is why the site could become the leader in France for the repair of smartphones. There are many user support forums, but few sites offer real professional assistance, linking industry experts and users wishing to operate and continue their devices. This voluntary service can be free if the conditions of the sector allow (enough experts to respond to requests and number of questions manageable with site resources).

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The ecological utility of the service is not to be demonstrated: by fixing his phone, the user avoids buying a new one. At a time when rare lands and other raw materials are controversial as to their exploitation, the site aims to give a second chance to all devices that could still work. Finally, the economic utility is not to be demonstrated either. Saving a device is as much savings and purchasing power as the person who does not need to buy it. The site may already be of public utility with the elements made available free of charge to users.

Links to spare devices on large used sales sites can be added by users as they as well. This module, under development, is expected to arrive in the coming months. With the sale of opportunity, the user will be able to resell his phone that he considers inoperable, to have it repaired on the used sites, or to buy a new one. The site http://phones.brain-start.tech will offer the user its three choices, with custom links for each model.

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Finally, the site is intended to be a community platform. Repair and troubleshooting experts can offer online services and advice to individuals wishing to go further in solving problems. This is how a real community can be built around the thematic repair of mobile phones.

For more information, or even part of the adventure, please do not hesitate to contact us on the contact page of the site http://phones.brain-start.tech that you can visit now!

Brain Start

Source: Brain Start S.A.S.U.

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