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BizTechReports Features Insights from IDC, ABI Research, Everest Group and Strategy Analytics

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Latest Analyst Roundup Offers Analyst Perspectives on: AI, ML, IoT, Health Care Systems and Windows 11

SILVER SPRING, Md. - Amzeal -- BizTechReports (www.biztechreports.com) has published its latest analyst roundup of research from leading analysts and consulting firms influencing the enterprise IT decision-making community. Here are the latest analyst news and views:

A recent report from International Data Corporation (IDC) discusses the future skill developmental plans of Indian organizations in the near future. Organizations are planning to acquire or develop critical skills such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) Machine Learning (ML), cloud, and data analytics after 76% of respondents reported in a survey that a lack of skill sets in employees impacts customer service. To read more, please visit: https://www.biztechreports.com/news-archive/2021/7/16/idc-report-finds-aiml-to-be-the-most-critical-technology-skill-that-indian-organizations-plan-to-acquire-in-the-next-six-months

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Health care systems across the world are also updating their technology and skills sets. Transformative technologies such as 5G connectivity, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) are at the forefront of a digitized health care system states ABI Research. AI with 5G connectivity has the ability to automate diagnostic procedures and increase efficiency. To read more, please visit: https://www.biztechreports.com/news-archive/2021/7/19/digital-systems-vital-for-a-rapid-post-covid-19-healthcare-systems-recovery

The global market for Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), estimated at $700-750 million in 2020, is expected to grow at a rate of 55-65% over the next year, according to Everest Group. IDP solutions are most commonly used for invoice processing, know-your-customers (KYC) information, insurance claims, patient onboarding, patient records, proof of delivery and order forms. To read more, please visit: https://www.biztechreports.com/news-archive/2021/7/19/intelligent-document-processing-idp-adoption-swells-as-enterprises-seek-to-lower-costs-through-automation-idp-market-to-grow-55-65-in-next-year

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Meanwhile, the mobile computing market is in full recovery after several years of shipment and revenue declines according to a report from Strategy Analytics. Hybrid work environments are becoming more prevalent, leading to higher demand for computers. The Windows 11/ post-pandemic refresh cycle will push the market to new highs of $241 billion in revenue in 2025. To read more, please visit: https://www.biztechreports.com/news-archive/202...

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