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BeBop Sensors' Forte Data Glove Adds Haptic Interaction Support for Oculus 2 and Unreal Engine

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BeBop Sensors' industry-leading haptic controller, the Forte Data Glove, natively supports the newly released Oculus Quest 2 and enables developers to create new simulation & training or gaming titles built with Epic Games' Unreal Engine via the latest Forte Data Glove Software Development Kit (SDK) release.

BERKELEY, Calif. - Amzeal -- BeBop Sensors, a haptic glove technology leader, announced today native support for the latest Oculus Quest 2 untethered VR headset and controllers to enable the latest in advanced graphics and haptic glove integration using the Forte Data Gloves. Additionally, the company has released its latest Software Development Kit (SDK), making it easier for application developers to utilize the Unreal Engine to integrate haptic glove support into their VR experiences, training, and simulation applications.

"The Oculus Quest 2 improves its resolution and immersive impact, yet retains the key features of portability, freedom of movement, and lower cost that we saw with the first-generation Quest. These features mirror our desire to enable VR users to move about freely and interact with the virtual world. The Forte Data Gloves completes the users' visual, auditory, and now touch experience whether they are training or gaming," says Conner Lacy, BeBop Sensors VP of Engineering.

"Our Forte Data Glove SDK for Unreal Engine is the first deliverable within our commitment to Epic Games to build out haptic functionality for our recently awarded Epic MegaGrant. It opens the world of VR-haptic immersion for Unreal Engine application developers to create new user experiences involving the sense of touch in the virtual world. Using our hands naturally and being able to feel the virtual world improves the user's immersion, drives engagement and improve training outcomes," cited Jerry Kurtze, BeBop's Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

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BeBop Sensors is at the forefront of pioneering haptic controller interaction and supporting application developers, instructional designers, and trainers with the immersive experience for VR and XR training that are changing the way users experience and leverage the virtual world. The new SDK will make it easier and faster for Unreal developers to leverage natural hand motions and haptic feedback to overcome the limitations of traditional VR hand controllers used today. The following video showcases many of the visual controls and haptic feedback now available: https://youtu.be/7jFHrpZP4Xs.

  • The Forte Data Glove Unreal Engine SDKs and APIs will simplify the integration of haptic gloves, haptic responses, flight controls, and flight dynamics into Unreal Engine developers' training applications
  • Haptic gloves provide full hand translation, precision location, and tactile interaction, offering precise control and feedback of virtualized cockpit/dashboard controls
  • The Forte Data Glove SDK provides an easy to install Unreal Engine package, sample interactions, and a pre-defined set of haptics for integrating into the application. The components are tunable and customizable by developers to meet their specific needs to replicate "touch" interaction in the virtual world.

Application developers can download the latest Forte Data Glove Unreal Engine SDK from the Forte Data Glove Developers Resource pages here: https://bebopsensors.com/developers/downloads/unreal-sdk/

About BeBop Sensors & Award-Winning BeBop Sensors Products
BeBop Sensors products have won the Red Herring Award, the TIME Magazine Best Inventions Award, the IDTechEx Wearable Award, the Frost & Sullivan North American Technology Innovation Award, and the Gartner Cool Vendor Award. BeBop Sensors uses smart fabrics to create elegant sensor solutions for OEMs. BeBop's sensors comprehend force, location, size, weight, bend, twist, and presence across any size, resolution, and geometry. The sensors are available for various applications, including military, industrial, medical, human factors, Virtual Reality, gaming, design, automotive, sports, and more. BeBop's technology is robust and proven, with over four million sensors in daily use. BeBop Sensors makes things knowable for product designers and visionaries.

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