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Artwork T-shirts Aim to Boost Nature in a Surprising Way

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HODDESDON, U.K. - Amzeal -- EcoSoulfully have launched their nature-positive printed T-shirts and other items.

Kathryn Newey describes the artwork as "a unique collaboration between human creativity and AI-ingenuity, expressing love for animals and nature, and shining a powerful light on important issues about wildlife and the natural environment, aiming to spark conversations and inspire nature-positive action".

The range includes organic cotton T-shirts, bags, tea towels, recycled paper notebooks, and mugs - all with original designs illustrating environmental issues. These include protection of bees, hedgehogs and elephants, rewilding, natural gardens, reduction of ocean plastics, and conservation of trees, offering people a way to harness the 'power of their apparel'.

The artwork highlights natural beauty and miracles in nature, rather than negative issues. Instead of direct messages like 'stop killing bees', the eye-catching designs aim to remind people of their innate appreciation for nature and emotional connection to it, which Newey believes is a more powerful driver of behaviour change.

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Newey comments on the irony of AI helping to craft artwork which encourages greater connection to nature. She explains that art is the medium and AI is the tool, but ultimately, design decisions rest with her. She must first visualise the designs, then describe these in detail to the AI image creator, and this can involve numerous attempts and image editing before she is happy with the outcomes.

"The resulting artwork should be surprising and beautiful, and sometimes I am pleasantly surprised by the unexpected results. For example, for my bycatch-aware design, I wanted an image of sea creatures surrounded by net and waves, and I was amazed how the AI interlaced shapes of the net with the cellular patterns on a turtle's shell."

EcoSoulfully printed T-shirts and other products are sustainable and eco-friendly:
Organic cotton T-shirts and fabric products, reducing environmental impact
'Print-on-Demand', thus minimising waste
Printed with non-animal derived inks, in a renewable energy factory, delivered in plastic-free packaging

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'Circular Economy', thus organic cotton items can be returned at end of life to be recycled into new clothing, and notebooks are made with recycled paper and recycled plastic

About EcoSoulfully: EcoSoulfully was started by Kathryn Newey, who is also a teacher of adults and an author of environmental novels for children. "Love of animals and nature has always been in my DNA, and I firmly believe that people need to be reminded they share a deep love and respect for nature which is embedded in their hearts and souls. This might just be the strongest positive catalyst humans need to change our habits and live more in tune with nature, so we and all other beings survive on this beautiful planet." For more information, visit https://ecosoulfully.com/

Kathryn Newey - EcoSoulfully

Source: EcoSoulfully

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