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Anniversary of Planet Pluto Discovery Day Celebrated by Author's Space Books for Kids

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February 18th marks the 93rd anniversary of the discovery of dwarf planet Pluto. K.J. Field's children's space books spotlight how little Pluto captured our hearts from the very beginning.

SAN FRANCISCO - Amzeal -- Ninety-three years ago this February 18th, 24-year-old Clyde Tombaugh delighted the world when he discovered our solar system's ninth planet. Author, screenwriter, and Pluto expert K.J. Field, who wrote the children's space books My First Book of Dwarf Planets: A Kid's Guide to the Solar System's Small Planets and 5 Little Dwarf Planets: A Rhyming Solar System Book, believes Pluto has had a special impact on the public. Field, who has spent six years representing the former ninth planet on Twitter as the "voice of Pluto" (@Plutoliveshere), says Pluto pulls at people's heartstrings with its amazing story of discovery, demotion, and exploration.

Field celebrates the story of Pluto from its discovery to its exploration in My First Book of Dwarf Planets and 5 Little Dwarf Planets, the first in her line of creative children's space books and space notebooks dedicated to Pluto and related topics, which she launched in 2022. After six years playing the voice of Pluto on Twitter, Field has seen the way Pluto has permeated our society and culture. "Pluto is the underdog planet, the planet nobody expected to be as amazingly beautiful and complex as it is," she explains, "and Clyde Tombaugh, Pluto's discoverer, was the underdog astronomer, somebody who didn't match the typical profile of a planet discoverer."

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Field thinks this makes for an irresistible combination. "It's a planet with such a rich history of ups and downs, and a real triumph in the end, that we can't help but compare Pluto to our own human experience," she says. The result is a feel-good story for all, and for Field, a writing topic she couldn't pass up. "I love showing everybody how a little planet that seemingly fell short of expectations right from the beginning ended up astonishing the world with its gigantic heart-shaped nitrogen glacier captured by those iconic 2015 NASA images."

My First Book of Dwarf Planets and 5 Little Dwarf Planets are available now in paperback and on kindle at Amazon.com. More space books, including a humorous picture book for kids about Jupiter, are scheduled to be released shortly. For more information and to view the book trailer for My First Book of Dwarf Planets, please see http://www.theplutodiaries.com/plutoshinepress and follow the author on Twitter @Plutoliveshere.

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