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Amazon Independent and National Cinematic Artist launch VR theater chain

Amazon Independent and NCA launch the first virtual reality theater chain, They intend to target ages 14 thru 45

LOS ANGELES - May 9, 2017 - Amzeal -- Amazon Independent and NCA launch the first virtual reality theater chain,  They intend to target ages 14 thru 45. The VR theater will be driven by the NCA app that creates movie theater virtual reality.  The headsets will be available for purchase and the app will be subscription driven.Deloitte Global predicts that virtual reality (VR) will have its first billion dollar year in 2016, with about $700 million in hardware sales, and the remainder from content. VR is likely to have multiple applications, both consumer and enterprise, in the longer term, but in 2016 we expect the vast majority of commercial activity to focus on video games. We estimate sales of about 2.5 million VR headsets and 10 million game copies sold.

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Virtual reality hardware offers visual (and sometimes audio) immersion via a wide-angle, head-mounted display that shows a stereo image in 3D. Sensors in the headset track the user's movements and change the user's view accordingly. A VR version of scuba diving allows you to feel as if real fish are swimming toward you. If you look up, you see a realistically rendered sky. When you glance down, you are shown the ocean floor. The soundtrack adjusts accordingly, enhancing the perception of being elsewhere. However, the illusion remains incomplete, in that not all senses would be catered for. VR could take you into the depths of the rain forest. You could see the forest floor or look up to the canopy. But you would not feel the humidity, experience the smells or touch the vegetation.

Virtual reality is a fantastic innovation which can demonstrate the cutting edge of what technology is capable of today. VR's capability is likely to improve further still over the years as processors improve, screen resolution increases yet further, and content creators learn how to create the format. That said, as can happen with emerging technologies, there is considerable hype about the impact of VR in the near term. Any company that is considering VR in any regard should have a careful look at the likely addressable market. Recent breakthrough technologies that required consumers to wear something on their face have not proven to be mass market successes.

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While VR headsets may sell better than smart glasses or 3D TV glasses, also consider that using the technology may require a set of behavioral changes that the majority of people do not want to make,,

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