Alte' Norman Offering a Soothing RnB Experience in 'The Album (Complete Experience)'

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Los Angeles, Mar 8, 2018 (Issuewire)  - R&B music is a genre of popular music that originated back in the 1940s. The term was initially used by the recording companies to describe the recordings marketed mainly to the Afro-Americans. It was at that time when rocking modern music was becoming famous with an insistent beat. The R&B lyrical themes often reflect the Afro-American experience of pain, and the quest for freedom. It also talks about the triumphs and failures in terms of relationships, sex, aim and money. Taking this genre forwards are several other artists and musicians. In Soundcloud, the artist Alte' Norman is making fans mesmerised with his new playlist – 'The Album (Complete Experience)'.

'The Album (Complete Experience)' is a long list of 15 songs that are carefully composed with a stunning soundscape. The song emerges with a delicate melody and subtle hook that is emotional and moving audiences. Things gradually progress in the playlist and once you listen, you will understand that no two songs are same. It is personal to certain extent and unquestionably honest. The beautiful balance of the song is achieved in a memorable way. On the front line, the songs have brilliant rhythm and fast paced tunes. It honestly remains stronger than ever with additional snippets of vocals from Alte' Norman.

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The artist sings under the label of Alte' Records and have been independently making music for past 7 years. He makes music to inspire and uplift the listeners with strong hip hop and rap influences in his songs. Alte' Norman aims to be as diverse as possible with his style and keeps his faith in God intact. It plays a big part in his life as well as in the music he composes. In "The Album (Complete Experience)", the simplicity of the piano with exotic line of other instruments playing in the background makes it unique. Fans who are interested mustc listen to songs like – "Legendary", "Senorita", "Glory Be To God", "Vacation", "Freedom", "Overload", "Lucid" and many more such songs. Fans can also connect with him on Instagram and Twitter.

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