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Acorn release eBook on comparing LMS systems

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In their eBook, the Acorn experts are quick to point out that no one-size-fits-all LMS solution exists.

CANBERRA, Australia - Amzeal -- As the eLearning industry has rapidly grown, the learning management system (LMS) has continued to evolve from a tool that simply manages learning into a learning experience environment. Given this growth and evolution, there are now more suppliers than ever vying for attention when organisations look to procure a new system. The Acorn subject matter experts believe to compare potential LMSs correctly, they need to be comprehensively understood. As such, the Acorn experts have released an eBook to help build this understanding.

In their eBook, the Acorn experts are quick to point out that no one-size-fits-all LMS solution exists. A non-profit might want a cost-effective system to train their global community of volunteers while a corporation might want to provide workplace training initiatives that can be tracked and aligned with other business metrics.

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Each vendor out there focuses on something different. Organisations need to thoroughly understand their own needs to find the right fit. They will also need to look at some of the most common features and see what suits them. These might include content development, accessibility, integrations, compliance management and learning analytics.

"The LMS is software at its core, which means it can either scale to meet your future needs or become obsolete," said Blake Proberts (Co-Founder and Managing Director). "Think about the business problems that L&D can help you solve and the features and data you'll need to support that. Defining the need for an LMS means you're more likely to procure a system everyone's happy with."

As with all technology, the LMS evolves quickly and trends come and go. It's important to stay informed of these trends and to avoid jumping on the next shiny thing lest they suddenly become defunct. Some prominent LMS trends at the moment include artificial intelligence (AI), multichannel learning and intelligent delivery.

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You can read the Acorn experts' full eBook about comparing LMS systems on their Acorn Resources blog: https://hubs.ly/Q01crp_J0

Pursuit Technology is one of Australia's fastest growing HR technology companies. Pursuit, via Acorn LMS, takes a different view to strategically enabling HR and L&D teams compared to traditional providers. Rather than focusing on analytics after learning experience, their products use workforce planning and capability frameworks prior to any learning. By linking to a company's strategy, Pursuit products can inform organisational capability gaps and suggest education, deliver this education, then measure the impact – proving business impact by the HR and L&D team in a quantifiable way.

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