5 Ways How Traditional Thai Massage can Transform Lives

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Thai massage is done using gentle pressure and some stretching techniques which relax the whole body. It is an ancient technique, started almost 2,500 – 7,000 years ago in India. Now the traditional Thai massage Vancouver and many other places are very popular among people.

The techniques used in Thai massage are quite different from the ones used in other kinds of massages as in the West. Some of the major health benefits of Thai massage has been discussed below.

Lower Stress Level

Stress can at times bring out positivity by motivating people and pushing them to do better in personal and professional life. However, too much stress can have negative effects on mental and physical health, leading to serious illnesses.

The stretching techniques and gentle pressure are used to relax the body. The study has proved that instead of simple rest, Thai massage has proved to be more effective in reducing stress.

Increase Energy
Research has proved that Thai massage can boost the physical energy of people. In one random trial, the Thai massage and Swedish massage were compared to see the results of both. The study concluded that that Thai massage increased the energy while Swedish massage was kind of relaxing and made sleepy.  The Asian massage Vancouver can either open or constrict various Sen to improve the life energy flow.

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Cure Headaches

Court-type is one of the forms of Thai massage in which the pressure is applied to specific energy channels. It has been scientifically proven that chronic tension headaches can be cured through a Thai massage. Measures of tissue hardness are lowered, as measured by scientists using a handheld device.

Improves Blood Circulation
Gentle stretching in Asian massage offered in Vancouver can improve the circulation of blood as well as lymph. The stretching is like yoga, which increases blood circulation and provides sufficient oxygen to body tissues. It results in improved cell growth and a healthy heart.

Studies have also found out that the Thai foot massage can improve the balance of diabetic patients.

Better range of Motion
The yoga-like stretching in traditional Thai massage helps in reducing stress and improves blood circulation. The gentle stretching in massage gradually improves flexibility over a period of time and the person will end up having a wide range of motion.

Thai Massage for Athletes

Athletes often face fatigue, muscle pain or joint pain slowly stretch the pain while they train. To avoid any inconvenience, many of the athletes have sports massage therapists. These therapists often use Thai massage to let the athlete feel relaxed. As compared to sports massage, the Asian massage Vancouver allows us to go deeper and restore the stretches, providing relief to the thief.

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The relaxation from Thai massage along with energy lets the athletes feel mentally and physically restored.

When to get Thai Massage?
One of the most important questions is how often you should get a massage. There are no specific limitations or timeline to as how many times or when the person should get the message. It varies from body to body. Some people keep doing some stretches and relaxation techniques which help to stay relax for a long period even after the Thai massage. On the other side, some do not take care of regular stretching and they might need the massage again.

Everyone should check their body temperament to analyze whether they need any message or not. If there is constant and prolonged pain in the body, it is highly advised to go to a doctor. However, in case of generally improving your circulation or to increase energy, traditional Thai massage Vancouver can be an ideal choice.


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