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2017 Inverse Gas Chromatography Symposium

A two-day event on Inverse Gas Chromatography (IGC) technique for materials characterization and is being held in Newark, New Jersey.

NEWARK, N.J. - April 18, 2017 - Amzeal -- The event is driven by the increasing demand for advanced experimental techniques for characterizing the physical and surface chemical properties of complex particulate, film, fiber and bulk solids.

The aim is to facilitate interdisciplinary interactions within the research community and will feature speakers from both industry and academia discussing their experiences in using the IGC technique.

Presentation Topics

Monday, September 25

Role of Surface Energy in Particle Engineering
Dr. Rajesh Dave – New Jersey Institute of Technology

iGC-Getting up to Speed for a Quick Impact
Dr. Andrew Jensen – Pfizer

Differentiation of Pharmaceutical Polymorphs by iGC

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Dr. Vincent Abeyta – Boehringer-Ingelheim

Pharmaceutical Performance of Surface Modified Excipients.
Dr. Rodolfo Pinal – Purdue University

A Platform Approach to Study Material Properties of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Dr. Raimundo Ho – Abbvie

Correlation between IGC and Microflotation in Mineral Processing
Dr. Kristian Waters – McGill University

Panel Discussion – Surface energy Heterogeneity as measured by iGC
Dr. Daryl Williams, Dr. Dan Burnett, Dr. Anett Kondor – Surface Measurement Systems

Tuesday, September 26

Application of Inverse Gas Chromatography to the Measurement of Solubility and Diffusivity of Solvents in Polymers
Dr. Ronald Danner – Penn State University

Understanding the Substrate: Utility of Inverse Gas Chromatography in Consumer Product Development
Dr. Steve Page – Proctor & Gamble

Practical Aspects of Method Development and Troubleshooting in Inverse Gas Chromatography

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Dr. Douglas Gardner – University of Maine

Multiple Linear Regression for Processing Data from Inverse Gas Chromatography Experiments
Dr. Rahul Bagwe – Solvay (Cytec Industries Inc.)

IGC Surface Energy of Hybrids of Nanocellulose and Organic/Inorganic Biocides
Dr. Gloria Oporto – West Virginia University

Permeability of Low Molecular Weight Alcohols in Hydroxypropyl Xylan Films
Dr. Phillip Choi – University of Alberta

iGC Isotherms and Surface Area
Dr. Anett Kondor – Surface Measurement Systems

Bookings: https://www.surfacemeasurementsystems.com/news/2017-igc-symposium/

Ron Gray at Surface Measurement Systems

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