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Atlanta hormone doctor offering hormone pellets

Dr. Eldred Taylor, Atlanta hormone doctor, known internationally for teaching doctors about hormone and helping patients- is now offering hormone pellets locally to Atlanta patients.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - May 17, 2017 - Amzeal -- Dr. Eldred Taylor, hormone doctor at Taylor Medical Group in Atlanta, GA, is now offering hormone pellets. Dr. Taylor is an internationally known doctor and speaker. He helps patients and also trains other doctors in Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. BHRT also known as bioidentical hormone therapy or natural hormone therapy, means the use of hormones that are identical on a molecular level with endogenous hormones in hormone replacement therapy.

Progesterone pellets have not been available on the past. This is the newest offering in hormone pellets.  Estrogen and testosterone pellets have been available and used since 1938, but were not used regularly because women would have to remember to take progesterone orally or by applying a creme. If the woman did not remember to take her progesterone, the estrogen or testosterone pellet would not work effectively. Now that progesterone, estrogen and testosterone pellets are available, patients can safely use all.
Dr. Eldred Taylor said, "This is a great improvement in the quality of care for patients needing this bio identical hormones. We are excited to offer hormone pellets to our patients."

Pellet BHRT is one of the most effective and safe forms of bio identical hormone therapy because it has been proven effective since the 1930's, the hormone pellets are made from natural plant sources and are biologically identical to human hormones, clinical research supports the effectiveness of hormone pellets and pellets are designed to use very small amounts of hormones, injected directly into the blood stream around the clock over a period of months.

Pellets typically they last 3 to 6 months. BHRT hormone pellets are the closest therapy that matches the body's own feedback system for releasing hormones and provides the steady, physiologic blood levels the body is accustomed to.

For more information about hormone pellets and BHRT- bio identical hormone therapy, contact the top hormone doctor in Atlanta, at Taylor Medical Group, and ask for Dr. Eldred Taylor. To learn more, contact Taylor Medical Group or go to

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Dr. Eldred Taylor, Taylor Medical Group

Source: Taylor Medical Group

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