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Franklin Chiropractor Determined to Offer Patients a Drug Free Pain Management

Franklin Chiropractor Chance Moore of White Feather Chiropractic is determined to offer a drug free pain management solution to the cities Franklin and Brentwood.

FRANKLIN, Tenn. - April 26, 2017 - Amzeal -- In 2014 over 1200 Tennessee residence died from opioid overdoses. Opioid misuse has become a nationwide problem so much that the federal and state governments are looking for ways to help reduce the number of victims. White Feather Chiropractic, a New Full Service Chiropractic Office with Service to Franklin and Brentwood TN as well as the Surrounding Area, is offering a Drug Free Pain Relief option through gentle DNFT Chiropractic care.

White Feather Chiropractic, a Tennessee based chiropractic office, that is proud to be a drug free option to those with chronic pain issues. New to Franklin, Dr. Chance Moore is a chiropractic physician that utilizes a gentle that is so light ther is no popping or cracking of the joints being treated.Directional Non-Force Technique® (DNFT®, the system of chiropractic used by Franklin chiropractor Dr. Chance Moore is a very thorough and precise form of chiropractic that analyzes and corrects each tissue of the affected area indivually. If the tissue is not involved in the problem, that tissue will not be thrust upon. By using separate thrusts for each tissue, there is no need no frightening jolts, twists, or other potential concerns for newcomers to chiropractic. Dr. Moore's existing patients in four states have benefited from DNFT® for a variety of conditions.
Dr. Chance Moore distinguishes himself as one of the very few chiropractic practitioners to professionally apply this time-proven technique That was developed in the 1920s and continues to be researched and refined to this day.

Dr. Chance Moore works closely with each and every patient to ensure that their chiropractic treatment is as thorough as possible in an attempt to reduce the number of patient visits required and get the patient on the road to recovery as quick as possible. "It is our mission at White Feather to alleviate the inflammation and other sources of pain patients are facing and through chiropractic care and nutritional counseling to help make their experience positive and fulfilling. I treat every patient like they were my only patient."

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White Feather Chiropractic is a relaxing low force chiropractic clinic in the Cool Springs area of Franklin TN. Dr. Chance Moore is a chiropractic physician that utilizes a light and gentle techniques that does not pop or crack a patient's joints called called Directional Non-Force Technique® (DNFT®).
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